Workplaces without frontiers
(Erasmus + project 2017-2019)

The overall rationale for this project is to provide our students with opportunities and knowledge of careers and vocational education across Europe so that they can take and make clear and informed decisions regarding their future.

Companies in the different partner countries will have the chance to talk to young people who are looking for apprenticeships. They can give a real picture of what is needed to be successful in a special kind of job. They can introduce their companies to the young people and offer training days or meetings with apprentices or workers where they can report about the requirements and working conditions. The job agencies in the different partner countries will have the chance to get in contact to young trainees and tell them about the working conditions and situation on the working market or help them to apply for a job even abroad.

Our aim is to improve the life chances for our students by enabling them, and the members of staff in each institution, not only to consider but to find out more about careers education and vocational training across Europe. Our project will also engage employers who will not only provide explicit information for the students and teachers but also, both implicitly and explicitly, learn more about both the young people in their own countries and those from other parts of Europe.
Learning activity in UK
Learning activity in Spain
Learning activity in Germany
Learning activity in Turkey
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Learning activity in Italy
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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